Charcot’s shower

The Charcot’s shower It is one of therapeutic hydromassages where a directed stream of water of contrasting temperature hits your body under high pressure. The beneficial effect improves functions of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, tissues are saturated with oxygen and absorb nutrients entering your body better, the metabolism is normalized, tumors resolve themselves, and inflammatory processes are neutralized.

Circular Shower

The water supply system in the circular shower is designed so that water of contrasting temperatures is supplied under pressure through thin tubes with a lot of holes arranged in a circle. This procedure improves your whole body in general, enhances the capability of cells to perceive beneficial substances, stimulates the immune system, gives your body tonicity, and improves your skin condition.

Rising Shower

It is a procedure where the patient sits own on a special chair with an annular seat, under which there is a mesh tip. Under pressure, water enters the perineum at contrasting temperatures. This procedure is used in the prevention and treatment of gynecological and urological, and also inflammatory diseases.

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