Ozokeritotherapy refers to methods of heat treatment and is performed by the application method. Ozokerite is a mineral composition, which includes paraffin, ceresin, methane, ethane, propylene, mineral oils, resins, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. The effect of the treatment is a reduction in pain, a resolving effect, stimulation of the blood flow and tissue oxygen supply.


Magnetotherapy is one of the types of physiotherapy used to improve the blood supply to the brain, to reduce pressure, to anesthetize, to improve sleep, to normalize the functions of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, to relieve your emotional stress, improve your overall well-being and to revive your spirits.

Oxygen Therapy

This therapy is based on the method of inhaling air (gas mixture) with an increased oxygen concentration. This treatment method improves your immunity, normalizes your blood pressure, improves your metabolism, and improves the overall health of your internal organs and your body generally.


It is a procedure for the general strengthening of your body, which affects your body on the whole, and may be applied locally. Using this treatment method, protective functions of the patient’s body are improved, his blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the blood are improved, his pores are tightened, his hair growth is enhanced, and his sleep disturbances are eliminated.

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