Wellness SPA


    • (chamomile, valerian, St. John's wort) 20 min
    • 20 min
    • 15 min
    • 5 min
    • 15 min
    • 20 min
    • 30 min (complete)
    • 25000 ₸
      Program stages: doctor's advice ; hydromassage foam bath or cedar barrel; oxygen therapy; Charcot' shower; coffee body peeling Saki mud wraps; dry carbonic bath; classic massage; oxygen cocktail; ginger tea; facial mask.

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Balneological baths








Wellness programs

The Wellness & SPA Salon of the Arasan Wellness & Spa Complex includes Detox & SPA and Wellness & SPA combining the Massage SPA Salon’s services and hydrotherapy services. This advantage allows our guests to achieve their goals as soon as practicable. The ability to combine Detox and preventative hydrotherapeutic procedures has allowed our Wellness & SPA to develop and introduce unique and modern body correction programs, massage packages, multi-day intensive programs, health-improving programs, facial care based on natural and innovative products, relaxation therapy, and many other procedures to revitalize and rejuvenate your body, and to relieve stress and fatigue.

The main advantages of our Wellness & SPA Salon are as follows:

  • We will strengthen your health, give beauty and youth to your body, and help you to find the spiritual balance;
  • A wide choice of specific procedures that have a beneficial effect on your body. The appropriate programs is selected by experienced specialists having  specialized education;
  • A pleasant and placative atmosphere allows you to have a good rest, to relax and forget for a while about the worldly bustle;
  • During the procedures, only the best materials, premium cosmetics, modern and safe equipment, innovative and time-tested techniques are used.

Wellness & SPA (hydropathic establishment)

Our Wellness & SPA Salon is perfect for the general strengthening of your body, the prevention of nervous and other diseases, your comfortable rest, and the enhancement of your tonus and performance efficiency.

Visiting the Wellness & SPA Hydropathic Salon, you significantly improve the quality of your life, and we help you to maintain your health and beauty!

The Wellness & SPA Salon offers you the following services:

  • useful and effective procedures to improve your physical health and to normalize your psycho-emotional state;
  • modern equipment, professional and careful personnel;
  • absolute safety (we always take into consideration the characteristics of our  client’s body, choose the right technique, and do not forget about contraindications);
  • in addition, our Wellness & SPA Salon is always ready to offer you discounts and promotions.

Particular attention should be paid to the advantages and benefits of the Arasan Wellness & SPA’s hydropathic establishment:

  • water for treatment procedures is extracted  from our own artesian well;
  • we will help each guest because, as a matter of fact, people apply to us both for the prevention and treatment of diseases on doctors’ orders.

Keep your beauty and youth with us!

To get more information or to book procedures, please call: +7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 779) or +7 (701) 726 13 78.

You can find the cost of services in the “Price” Section.