A Gift Card Purchase Memo:

    1. A gift card is used to pay for all types of services at Arasan Wellness & SPA other than bar and kitchen services.
    2. A gift card has a face value in Tenge (amount including VAT).
    3. Clients are served with a gift card according to the standard procedure provided for by the current rules of the Arasan Wellness & SPA Complex.
    4. Luxe-rooms, bath ceremonies, Arasan Detox & SPA procedures (massage SPA-Salon), Beauty Studio and Wellness & SPA (hydropathical establishment) should be booked at least 1 day in advance. One card may be only used in one of the listed departments.
    5. Upon the expiration of a gift card, it becomes void. The validity of a gift card is 1 month from the date of its purchase.
    6. A gift card is activated by the cashier at the reception of the Arasan Wellness & SPA Complex.
    7. Gift cards do not exchanged for money. A card is not refundable. If lost, a gift card is not restored and the amount is not refundable.
    8. Should goods or services be chosen for an amount less than the nominal value of a gift card, the difference will not be returned to its holder.
    9. Should goods or services be chosen for an amount exceeding the face value of the card, its holder should make an additional payment in cash or by his bank card.
    10. A gift card is the property of the Arasan Complex LLP and will not be returned after use.
    11. A gift card may be used to obtain services of the Arasan Wellness & SPA Complex only for one visit.
    12. Upon the activation of a card, the presentation of this memo to the cashier is mandatory!