Group Programs


Hatha Yoga is to perfect your body. This direction of yoga teaches you to properly distribute your energy and control your breathing. Since hatha yoga pays more emphasis on the health of the spine, static poses are prevalent here.

Group fitness

This exercise system is aimed at improving muscle tone and rapid fat burning. Rhythmic and active movements with minimal rest help to achieve results in the shortest possible time. Classes are great for both weight loss and general body strengthening.

Trekking + abs

This exercise system involves the use of race tracks. By changing the angle of a track and its speed, you can provide the desired effect and achieve the desired results. The ABC aerobic muscle-strengthening exercises are provided for. Here, exercises are aimed at training your muscles and back. The program also develops your body flexibility.


The TRX exercise system built for exercise equipment to take exercises with your own body weight where TRX is two slings interconnected and fixed at a certain height.


This sports direction includes the following elements:
• high-intensity exercises taken at particular intervals;
• weightlifting exercises;
• elements of kettlebell lifting and gymnastics;
• rhythmic gymnastics, powerlifting, plyometrics


The group program, which includes various techniques and areas of martial arts. Exercises allow you to tone your muscles and to increase the level of your emotional stability quickly.


Bright and dances to the rhythm of Caribbean islands. Latino classes help reduce weight, improve their health, get positive emotions.


Гибкость, снижение стресса, идеальная осанка, улучшение кровообращения и обмена веществ – все это под силу растяжке! На занятиях происходит активная проработка всех групп мышц и суставов, а затем их плавное растяжение.

Pilates Mat (Pilates on the mat)

Relieves back pain and joint pain, muscle pulls, develops flexibility, improves brain activity, gives the state of lightness and freshness.

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