The Arasan Fitness Room is for strong and persevering people!

Do you indulge in sports? Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? Do you endeavour steadily at perfection, or have you just decided to change something in your life? We have created all conditions to ensure that you achieve your goals and are in the desired form! Our Fitness Room is the best way to improve your well-being, to train your muscles, and to work off your excess weight. Here you will have the opportunity to make your body more beautiful and healthy, and to pleasantly chat with like-minded people. To be “in trend” means to look after your health and appearance.

  • The total area of ​​the hall is 600 m2;
  • There are more than 50 premium fitness machines for different exercises;
  • Spacious rooms for group programs are used;
  • There are fitness instructors;
  • There is a sports physician’s office;
  • The convenient working time is available.

Advantages for our visitors:

  • The fitness room area is 600 square meters. All sports equipment is located in such a way that you can organize your exercises competently and comfortably;
  • Some Italian equipment and an American power frame have been installed in the fitness room;
  • Our trainers have the required qualifications and impressive work experience. They will draw up a correct training program with due consideration of your wishes and physical capacity;
  • Moreover, you can get a professional advice and buy German sports nutrition.

An important advantage of the fitness room is the capability of combining athletics with various  relaxing, tonic and wellness programs:

  • toxin and waste removal;
  • SPA face and body care;
  • various hydrotherapeutic procedures.

For more information, please call:
+7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 730) or +7 (701) 982 78 04.

You can find the cost of subscriptions and additional services in the “Price” Section.