SPA Body Care

Coffee and Clay Wraps

Wraps are one of the best ways to correct your body volumes and to control the “orange peel”, the coffee and clay wraps will facilitate to achieve the desired result. Caffeine is an excellent fat burner improving you blood circulation and speeding up your metabolism.

Mountain Mumiyo Wraps

Mumiyo is a very ancient remedy, which has regenerative and restoring properties, improves your metabolism, solves the problem of greasy scalp and hair, and eliminates stretch marks on different parts of your body.

Anti-Cellulite Wraps

Honey and Soda
This type of wraps will enable the excess weight to be lost and will make your skin soft and smooth. When wrapping, a greenhouse effect is created, your body perspiration increases, toxins and waste are released, and your skin becomes evener and smooth due to soda and honey.

Morocco Body Moisturizing

It is a deep moisturizing wetting procedure with the use of a cosmetic cream. The effect of the procedure is your moisturized and smooth skin. It may be used as a final treatment after procedures.

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