Segmental Massages

Reflexotherapy Leg Massage

Reflexotherapy is a massage based on the pressure of certain points on your feet, which improves the functions of your internal organs, increases your performance efficiency, relieves pain, cleanses your body of toxins, and stabilizes your emotional state.

Back + Neck + Shoulders

The back + neck + shoulder massage is a great way to remove your back pain or headache, to improve your blood circulation, to improve your tonus and the general revitalizing of your body.

Cervical Collar Region

It is one of the most popular types of massage due to its efficiency and steadily beneficial effect. The cervical-collar massage is effective for correcting your body posture, stimulating functions of your muscles in the cervical-collar region, normalizing your breathing, improving your blood circulation, and reducing stress.

Head Massage

The head massage is the best remedy in cases of headaches, sedentary activities, and hair loss. Due to some techniques and considered hand movements, the blood circulation is stimulated, the tissue oxygen supply is normalized, the brain activity is improved, and stress levels are reduced.

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