Coffee and Corn Peeling

The coffee and corn peeling perfectly cleanses your skin, exfoliates and removes dead cells, and opens your pores. Due to the cleansing, your skin becomes smoother and softer, and better absorbs healthful skin care product components.

Meine Base Salt Peeling

This procedure involves the use of Meine Base salt in a healthy tandem with microparticles of semiprecious stones. The peeling removes congestion, stimulates metabolic processes, and revitalizes your body. Moreover, the procedure has a beneficial effect on your nervous system, heart, blood vessels and muscles. As a result, you will relax, get a sense of harmony, and will get rid of irritability and a nervous tension.

Renewing Cream Peeling

It involves the use of two types of special granules and cleanses your skin. During this procedure, dead cells are removed, which makes your skin more youthful, firm and beautiful. The keratinized layers are removed by small polymer particles having a spherical shape. The granules produce a peculiar massage effect, activate your blood circulation, and do not injure your skin at all. The kelp extract in the cream has an anticellulite effect due to the presence of proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts.

Talasso-scrub with the glove

The Thalasso scrub is used with seaweed and sea salt. The procedure saturates your skin with the necessary minerals and vitamins, removes waste and toxins, and favours the lymph and intercellular fluid outflow.

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