Paraffin Therapy

SPA Arm Care

It is an arm care package giving a fresh appearance, smoothness and youth to your skin.

Program Stages:

  • your arm scrubbing to cleanse your skin and to open your pores;
  • paraffin wraps, which nourish your skin with vitamins, moisturizes and makes your skin smooth and soft;
  • a final care to consolidate the result and to extend the effect of the program.

SPA Leg Care

It is a leg skin care package to rejuvenate your foot skin and to give a velvety touch to it.

Program Stages:

  • your foot cleansing procedure with a soft scrub for the best effect of the paraffin therapy;
  • paraffin wraps, which will make your skin soft and tender;
  • a final care applying some cream with massage movements to consolidate the result.

To get more information or to book procedures, please call:
+7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 779) or +7 (701) 726 13 78.

You can find the cost of services in the “Price” Section.