SPA Massages

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Due to a special technique, this massage increases the lymph outflow rate. The procedure improves the blood supply to the organs and tissues, as a result of which they receive the optimal amount of oxygen and essential nutrients. The metabolic processes are stimulated, which reduce your body weight, and an excess intercellular fluid is eliminated, which significantly reduces the risk of cellulite.

General Classic Massage

Classic massage allows you to effectively deal with excess weight. Muscle cramps are eliminated, due to which the pain is reduced, the production of collagen elastin is activated, thus favorably affecting the condition of your skin, reviving your spirits, decreasing the stress level where a feeling of tiredness and nervous tension disappears.


This procedure involves an active effect on certain areas of the body, so that the pain disappears and the body relaxes. Therapeutic massage is used during the rehabilitation after many diseases affecting your muscles, nervous system, heart and blood vessels, musculoskeletal system, and other organs and parts of your body.

Antistress Massage

The procedure allows you to relax and relieve stress. At the same time, the functions of your nervous system are normalized, your blood circulation is stimulated, and a feeling of tiredness and anxiety disappears. After the massage, your performance efficiency increases, your spirits are revived, and a feeling of easiness and absolute harmony appears.

Aroma Massage

Aromatic substances control bacteria, fungal and viral infections. The procedure is based on the simultaneous effect of aromatic notes and soft massage movements. As a result of this tandem, your metabolism is stimulated, and your skin condition improves and becomes more elastic, smooth and radiant.

Mix Massage

In this case, various Western and Oriental techniques are used (Swedish, Thai, and Yoga massages, elements of reflexotherapy and kinesitherapy, Qigong, and action on the deep tissues). The algorithm of the procedure is selected by skilled personnel individually for each patient. Thus, your body benefits and enjoys as much as possible.

Honey Massage

This technique improves your blood circulation, stimulates your lymph outflow and removes toxins. Honey is capable of penetrating deep enough into soft tissues getting harmful substances out of them. By means of it, your body is effectively cleansed and at the same time gets optimal doses of the necessary minor elements. Due to this massage, your skin becomes elastic, volumes are reduced, and a feeling of easiness and vigor appears.

Anti-cellulite Massage

It is an effective way to control the “orange peel”, excess centimeters and the aging skin. The anti-cellulite massage reduces the tissue swelling, enhances the blood circulation, and reduces fat deposits. In some cases, intensive hand movements of the massage therapist can cause some discomfort. However, after such procedure, your skin will look more well-cared-for and healthier and will become more elastic and toned.

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