Exotic Massages

Balinese Massage

This type of massage is aimed at the deep muscle effect. The technique allows you to recover from nervous disorders, stress, to relieve your muscle tension in the entire body. The Balinese massage will be conductive to the treatment of sports injuries, migraines, and insomnia.

Stone Massage

The stone — therapy facilitates the production of joy hormones — endorphins. The hot stone therapy makes it possible to achieve the harmony of your internal state, your deep relaxation, relieves stress and tension. The heat of heated stones stimulates your blood circulation, saturates your body with oxygen, and eliminates toxins and waste.

Bodrum Turkish Soap Massage

The Bodrum massage is a procedure of cleansing, revitalizing and relaxation. During this massage, thick foam is used, which is evenly distributed by a specialist with his skilful movements throughout your body and gives a feeling of softness, easiness and relaxation. The effect of a regular massage improves your well-being, revitalizes and rejuvenates your body, allows you to recover from an excess weight, improves your skin tonus and revives your spirits.

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