Massage Room

A massage is the most effective means to promote the health your body, to improve your physical and emotional state, and to remove different headaches and many other effects beneficially influencing your health. Professional confident hand movements of our masseurs will allow you to relax and enjoy every session.

Wellness Massage

It removes your swellings, fatigue, nervous irritation, and improves your blood circulation and metabolism. It is healthy and effective for everyone!

Back Massage

It is a great way to remove back pains, neck pains and headaches. The back massage is indicated for sedentary work, in case of physical exertion, and is suitable for everyone for prophylactic purposes.

Cervical Collar Massage

It is the best means of relaxation after a hard day, or work at a computer. In addition, it has an excellent cosmetic effect, gives vigor and tone to your whole body.

Foot Massage

It is a massage where your feet and toes are actively massaged. A set of movements is aimed at improving your blood circulation and relieving fatigue, and tightness of your feet. After such massage, the guest feels a pleasant lightness and relaxation.

Leg Massage

It is a combined type of massage where your calves and feet are massaged. Massaging movements knead your legs, and the elements of a point massage relax in full and relieve fatigue and heaviness in your legs.

Relax / Antistress

It is a massage type to relax and remove fatigue and stress. By stroking slightly and kneading your body with the use of aromatic oils, you immerse yourselves fully in a state of peace and tranquility.

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