Hairdressing Salon

In the Beauty Studio, not only women but also men can obtain professional hairdressers’ services.

With us, you can:

  • Make your own image more magnificent;
  • Change your own image сompletely;
  • Change your habitual appearance supplementing it with some details and surprising others;
  • Take the time for your hair care.

Use services of our Beauty Studio’s Hairdressing Salon:

  • Classic haircutting or a model option;
  • Any hair coloring including a creative one;
  • Hair setting for every day or for a festive event;
  • Carrying out hair treatment and reconstitution procedures;
  • All the most popular modern hair setting, hairstyles, curls and many other things.

Haircuts/Hair Setting

Women’s Haircuts

Women’s haircuts are classic, creative suited to every fancy and length of hair. High-class hairdressers having a great experience will bring any ideas to life in the best possible way.

Men’s Haircuts

A buzz cut, an undercut or a knot? All types of men’s haircuts are made by professionals in our salon.

Model child haircuts

Classic or creative child haircuts are beautiful, neat and quick!

Bang Cutting/Correction

Bangs are a great way to change your image without resorting to more sophisticated methods for its improvement. The hairdressers of our studio are ready to help in selecting your bangs by the type and features of your face or to correct existing bangs.

A shaped line at the back (men’s haircuts)

Shaping your finished haircut or leveling slightly overgrown hair, and a shaped line at the back is achieved by using a hair cutting machine and a nozzle of the chosen shape and size.

Hair Shape Correction

A hair shape or a haircut can be corrected for those who are satisfied with the shape and length of their hair but want to give freshness and novelty to it. In this case, our hairdresser will help you to preserve the zest but will bring an unobtrusive novelty.

Haircut Correction

It is a correction of the existing haircut or its improvement to put it into shape or to give a well-groomed appearance.

Hot Scissor Haircut

A haircut is made with hot electric scissors, and the temperature is selected by the hairdresser individually depending on the type of the client’s hair. The action principle is based on the sealing of the ends of hair to reduce their splitting.

Hair Setting

The hair setting allows you to add a volume to your hair and to shape it with a hairdryer and hair setting and protection products.

Biochemical Curling

Replacement for hair irons and curling irons is a biochemical curling, which will give curls for a long time without critical hair damage.


It is a hair setting with hair curlers that do not penetrate the hair structure but envelop it thereby making hair less prone to damage.

Razor Shaving

The shaving with an open-blade razor will give a perfectly smooth skin to you without irritation, and will ensure the more lasting result due to the hair removal evenly. The shaving is carried out in three stages: steaming and preparing your skin; shaving with an open-blade razor; massage and a final care.

Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

This procedure includes color leveling, gray hair overlapping from the previous coloring. At the end of the procedure, a final care and a slight setting with a hairdryer are carried out.


Highlighting is a way of hair lightening by decolorating a certain number of hair locks, and due to such coloring method, the effect of hair burned out in the sun can be achieved. At the end of the procedure, the final care and the slight hair setting with a hairdryer will consolidate the result.

Complex Hair Coloring

This procedure includes all types of complex hair coloring: shatush, balayazh, ombre, bronding, tinting carried out by a high-class specialist. The final care and the hair setting with a hairdryer will complete the coloring.

Hair Care/Treatment

Hair Botox

It is a procedure for four hair smoothing and tightening, and after the botox, your hair looks shiny and full of life. The procedure is carried out in several stages: your head washing, a slight drying, and applying serum, which contains some elements healthy for your hair. After a certain time, the composition is washed off and applied already to your scalp. After washing off, your hair is dried with a hairdryer.

Keratic Straightening

It is a hair care and treatment procedure suitable for damaged hair after the hair coloring, highlighting, and chemical curling. Keratin is a protein, of which 90% of the hair consists, and the procedure restores and nourishes your hair, penetrating your hair structure and filling the voids. After the procedure, your hair becomes smooth, soft and has a healthy shine.

To get more information or to book procedures, please call: +7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 734) or +7 (702) 714 30 44.

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