Cosmetology Salon

Cosmetology is one of the main areas of activity of the Beauty Studio. The widest range of services offered will allow each guest to find a procedure of interest. The capabilities of our salon allow us to provide both mechanical impact procedures and machine ones.

The Beauty Studio’s clients are offered:

  • Eyebrow care;
  • Depilation;
  • Facial cleansing and peeling;
  • Face massage;
  • Package facial care programs.

Eyebrow Care / Waxing

Eyebrow Correction

It is to shape eyebrows at the request of our client / according to the face shape / correction of the existing shape.

Henna / Dye Eyebrow Tinting

It is tinting of your eyebrows with a special dye or henna to enhance the color, to brighten your eyebrows giving them a natural and aesthetic appearance.


Classic bikini. Removal of unwanted hair with wax in the bikini area.

Deep bikini. Complete removal of unwanted hair with wax in the bikini area.

Tendrils. Removal of unwanted hair with wax over the upper lip.

Armpits. Removal of unwanted hair with wax in the armpits.

Face. Complete removal of unwanted hair with wax on the face.

Arms to the elbow. Removal of unwanted hair with wax on the arms to the bend of the elbow.

Arms completely. Removal of unwanted hair with wax throughout the arm.

Legs to the knees. Removal of unwanted hair with wax on the legs to the knees.

Legs completely. Removal of unwanted hair with wax throughout the leg.

Back, chest. Removal of unwanted hair with wax on the chest and back.

PackageRemoval of unwanted hair with wax on the hands to the elbow, on the legs to the knees, in the armpits and bikini area (classic).

Facial Cleansing / Peeling

Machine Procedure

It is a procedure for a deep cleansing of your skin from external impurities, pimples, and acne while you are motionless. The cleansing may be combined or machine subject to the condition of your skin. At the end of the procedure, a final care is provided to protect your pores and to consolidate the result.

Vacuum Procedure

It is a package of procedures aimed at the deep cleansing in several stages: your makeup removal, applying a warming mask to open your pores, cleansing your skin with a vacuum apparatus, and a final care.

Ultrasound Procedure

It is a procedure for cleansing your skin with the use of ultrasonic vibrations, the apparatus is made in the form of a spoon-scraper. After the procedure, your skin becomes softer, smoother, and absorbs nutritional components of masks and care products better.

Mechanical Procedure

It is a procedure for the deep cleaning of your skin using a special cosmetological spoon, and the cleaning is done by pressing the locus of a comedone, acne. The cleaning is quite painful in case of an uncared-for skin condition. At the end, the final care will consolidate the result and protect your open pores from external contaminants.

Darsonval Treatment

It is a procedure for the health improvement of your skin through the current thereby your skin becomes more youthful, radiant, and toned. Microcurrents act on your skin, due to which your blood circulation and metabolic processes are improved, and swellings and inflammatory processes are eliminated.

Plant Red Sea Coral-Based Peeling

An alternative to the chemical peeling is the Red Sea coral-based peeling. This peeling contains coral particles that are rich in vitamins B and C, Dead Sea salt, Brazilian herbs, and essential oils. This type of peeling removes signs of aging, skin slackness, acne, pigmentation, and stretch marks. It improves your complexion and makes your skin elastic.

Peeling for special skin problems

Attention! This type of peeling is done only in autumn! It is a chemical peeling for a deep cleaning of a problem skin. The composition of this type of peeling is designed to solve skin problems such as aging, age pigmentation, and acne.

Facial Massage

Rejuvenation and Tonicity

A massage is used, which effectively affects your skin improving your blood circulation and metabolism thereby the cells “wake up” and begin to produce collagen to rejuvenate and tone your skin.

Rejuvenating Plastic Massage

It is a great way to rejuvenate your skin, which gives it radiance and a healthy color. A set of actions is aimed at restoring and normalizing your blood circulation, and your skin is smoothed and becomes more elastic. The final care will help you to consolidate the result. The regular use of the massage will allow you to achieve amazing results for a long time.

Classic Manual Oil Massage

The facial massage is a fairly popular procedure since the effect of proper massage movements on your skin will solve a lot of problems, in the first place — signs of aging, expression lines and skin slackness will be removed. After the first massage, your skin will become smoother, toned, and your complexion will be improved.

Manual Massage + Mask

The manual massage is a great way to preserve your beauty and youth without injections; a professional cosmetologist develops his own techniques and actions that smooth your skin, and fight against swellings and skin slackness. The mask will complete the procedure and consolidate the result.

Vacuum Massage

The efficiency of this type of massage is due to the resulting microtraumas, and your body begins to heal an injury. The effect of such massage is the improvement of your skin tonus, the regeneration of the inner layers of your skin and the improvement of their functions.

Ultrasonic Massage

The essence of this type of massage is the effect of ultrasonics on problem areas of your skin thereby your skin is tightened and clarified, wrinkles and bags under your eyes are removed, and your blood circulation improves. The regular massage will allow you to consolidate the result and to largely improve the condition of your skin both outside and inside.

To get more information or to book procedures, please call: +7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 734) or +7 (702) 714 30 44.

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