A company of eight persons can be accommodated in Hammam. Hammam has an incomparable oriental flavor and allows its visitors to relax, to forget about worldly problems, to enjoy a high-quality and pleasant rest. After ordering our Hammam Luxe-room, our guests can use a steam room decorated in the oriental style, and can warm up on a special marble table heated to 45 degrees, plunge into the cold plunge pool, and take a cold shower after the steam room. There is also a comfortable relaxation area equipped with a marble massage table, sun loungers, sofas and karaoke. In addition, you can enjoy various bath procedures and order delicious dishes from the menu of our Lobby & Rest Bar.

Advantages of the Turkish Bath

The Turkish Bath is relatively low temperatures (not higher than fifty degrees). Here you can restore your strength, get a boost of energy, and cheer up. Along with it, the Turkish Bath perfectly eases your nerves, improves your blood circulation and rejuvenates your skin.

To get more information or to book procedures, please call:
+7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 741/768); +7 (775) 390 05 50.

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