Russian-Finnish Luxe Rooms

At your disposal, there are 2 comfortable bath rooms for up to 6 persons, which embody the Finnish bath culture. Here you can relax with both your family and friends. In the combination bath, visitors can choose the degree of steam humidity on their own. In addition, in each luxe-room, guests can use the following services:
• swim in the cold plunge pool, enjoy a contrast shower or have a wash with cold water from a special small tub;
• order a massage, take a nap on a sunbed for relaxation, and sing karaoke;
• taste dishes from the Lobby & Rest Bar Menu, and evaluate the benefits of various bath procedures for an extra charge.

Advantages of the Russian Bath

We will help you restore your strength, optimize the functioning of your internal organs and systems, revive your spirits and have a great rest. The Russian Bath allows you to quickly and efficiently remove various harmful substances from your body, to cleanse your body, and to activate your cardiovascular system. In addition, you will definitely feel a surge of new energy and forget about negative emotions.

 Advantages of the Finnish Sauna

The hot dry steam activates an afflux of blood to your muscles and skin, relaxes your nervous system, and revives your spirits. In addition, the Finnish Sauna strengthens your immune system, optimizes your metabolic processes, and improves your skin condition.

To get more information or to book procedures, please call:
+7 (727) 390 10 10 (inner 741/768); +7 (775) 390 05 50.

You can find the cost of services in the “Price” Section.