Women’s combined baths:
pledge of health, youth and beauty!

For a modern woman, a bathhouse is a great opportunity to keep company with her friends, to have a good time and just to cheer up. Such rest helps to forget about problems, to relax and to get a lot of positive emotions. In the Women’s Section of the Arasan Wellness & SPA’s baths, you can relieve stress, improve your well-being, and restore your strength. And all our clients become healthier, more cheerful, and more beautiful.

It is worth noting that the Women’s Section offers its guests several options for a good rest:

  • the Russian Steam Room, which is famous for its strong wet steam. Here you can take a steam-bath with a real bath broom, improve your body, and find the balance of your mind;
  • the Finnish Steam Room offering you to relax under the influence of hot dry air;
  • the Oriental Steam Room, Hammam, or Turkish bath. Here your body will plunge into the veil of hot gentle steam.

In addition, the Women’s Section has showers equipped with small water tubs. There is also a pool near the steam rooms. Lovers of contrasting temperatures will rightly appreciate the opportunity to plunge into the clean cool water extracted by us from our own well. It should be noted that such procedures can speed up metabolism, improve your skin condition, and revive your spirits.

Along with it, Arasan Wellness & SPA offers services of steam bath attendants. The girls cope with bath brooms properly and know many techniques for handling the said accessories. By means of it, you will experience a real pleasure and will be definitely satisfied with your relaxation.

You may bring brooms from home or can buy them just at the Wellness & SPA Complex. It should be noted that Boutique & Care provide various bath accessories.

Room Air Temperature, °C Relative Humidity, %
Russian Steam Bath 80-100 Not less than 80%
Finnish Steam Bath 100-110 Not more than 15%
Oriental Steam Bath 45-50 Not less than 80%

The Arasan Wellness & SPA Complex is a good health, a good rest, and a pleasant pastime with profit to your mind and body!

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+7 (727) 390 10 10 or +7 (702) 390 10 10.

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