Men’s combined baths: the best rest for real men!

For a man, the best way to rest and relax is to visit the Men’s Section of our Wellness & SPA Complex. We offer the following options for the proper leisure to our clients:

  • The Russian Steam Room characterized by wet hot steam. Here you can feel refreshment of your mind and steam your body. A characteristic feature of such bath is the use of a broom made of birch, linden and other types of wood;
  • The Finnish Steam Room pleasing its lovers with hot and dry air;
  • The Oriental Steam Room, Hammam, or Turkish bath. The enveloping soft steam prevails here.

The Men’s Section of the SPA Complex is a combination of spacious steam rooms and pools with cool water. The true connoisseurs of contrasting temperatures can also use special small tubs filled with cold water. They are in the showers immediately next to the steam rooms. It should be noted that the temperature contrast has a beneficial effect on your skin and speeds up metabolic processes, moreover, it largely revives your spirits.

Steam bath services are also rendered to guests of the Wellness & SPA Complex. Bath attendants skilled in the steaming handle bath brooms expertly giving their clients unforgettable minutes of a real pleasure. Brooms can be inexpensively bought at Arasan Wellness & SPA or may be brought with you. It should be noted that we offer a fairly wide choice of various bath accessories. Also, there are VIP-cabins for guests in the Men’s Section. Here you can keep company with your friends and taste delicious dishes and drinks, and relax in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Room Air Temperature, °C Relative Humidity, %
Russian Steam Bath 80-100 Not less than 80%
Finnish Steam Bath 100-110 Not more than 15%
Oriental Steam Bath 45-50 Not less than 80%

The Arasan Wellness & SPA Complex is a sound health, a good rest, and a pleasant pastime with benefits for your mind and body!

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