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The Wellness & SPA Complex’s Services

Our Arasan Wellness & SPA is a modern Wellness & SPA complex offering a wide range of services to our guests. Here you can rest, relax, improve your mind and body properly, and also spend your leisure time with pleasure and healthily.

Our service

Taking a sincere care for our visitors, we offer:

  • modern methods of health improvement;
  • popular SPA-procedures and a traditional bath;
  • a competent selection of programs subject to the wishes of our clients;
  •  a unique experience, state-of-the art technologies and equipment;
  • comfort and cleanliness in our rooms. We are responsible for the safety of our visitors and provide a high level of comfort;
  • services of our skilled personnel who has received a special training under the best training programs;
  • a wide range of related services that will make your rest as enjoyable and healthy as possible.

Additional advantages of the Wellness & SPA Complex

We offer loyal prices. Any of our clients can choose a service or a program due to his needs and financial possibilities. In addition, our complex provides the following benefits and privileges to our visitors:

  • a convenient location of the Wellness & SPA Complex. We are located in the centre of Almaty thereby you will not have to spend money for a hotel or to reserve a room in a sanatorium. Moreover, this circumstance excludes the need for journeys into the country. It will also have a positive effect on your budget;
  • We work seven days a week. This allows our clients to plan a week and to organize their leisure most healthily and conveniently;
  • We make an opportunity to order services by phone. Therefore, you will not have to wait wearily in line and to waste your precious time. You should just sign up for a specific date, arrive at the agreed time and enjoy a good rest.

We recommend you to familiarize yourselves with the services of our Complex. Arrange for your perfect leisure time with Arasan Wellness & SPA on the most favorable terms.