Payments. Online payment by a credit card

Our website is connected to the Internet Acquiring and you can pay for goods by your Visa or MasterCard. After confirming the selected goods, a secure window will open, which contains a payment page of the CloudPayments Processing Center where you need to enter your bank card details. For an additional cardholder authentication, the 3D Secure Protocol is used. If your Bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to its server for an additional identification. You should check information on the rules and methods of an additional identification with the Bank, which has issued a bank card to you.

Security Guarantees

The CloudPayments Processing Center protects and processes your bank card details as per the PCI DSS 3.0 Security Standard. The information is transmitted to the payment gateway using the SSL Encryption Technology. It is further transmitted through closed banking networks, which have the highest level of reliability. CloudPayments does not transfer your card details to us and other third parties. For an additional cardholder authentication, the 3D Secure Protocol is used. If you have any questions about the payment made, you can contact the client support service of the payment service by e-mail

Online Payment Security

The personal information provided by you (name, address, phone, e-mail, credit card number) is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Your credit card details are only transmitted in encrypted form and are not preserved on our Web server.

We recommend you to make sure that your browser is safe enough to make payments online on a special page. The security of processing Internet payments is guaranteed by CloudPayments Kazakhstan LLP. All operations with payment cards are carried out as required by the VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. When transmitting information, special security technologies for online card payments are used, and data is processed on a secure high-tech server of the processing company.

Return of Goods

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 274-IV “On Consumer Protection” dated May 4, 2010 (as amended as of 21.04.2016)  Clause 1 is set forth in the wording of the RK Law No. 504-V dated 21.04.16.

  1. The Buyer shall, within fourteen days of the transfer of nonfood goods to him, be entitled, unless a longer period has been announced by the Seller (Manufacturer), to exchange the purchased goods at the place of the purchase or other places declared by the Seller (Manufacturer) for similar goods of a different size, shape, overall dimensions, style, coloring, configuration and the like, or for other goods as agreed upon by the parties by making the necessary recalculation with the Seller in case of a difference in the price. Exchange shall be made in accordance with Article 30 of the Law. 2. If the Seller (Manufacturer) has no goods required for the exchange, the Buyer shall be entitled to return the purchased goods to the Seller (Manufacturer) and to receive the money paid for them. 3. The place of the purchase of the goods shall be the place of the exchange or return thereof unless otherwise stipulated by the Contract.

1. Definitions

The Internet Project of (hereinafter – the “URL”, “we”) takes seriously the issue of confidentiality of information from its clients and visitors to the site: (hereinafter — “you”, “site visitors”). We designate as personalized the information, which contain personal details (for example: full name, login or company name) of a site visitor, and information on any actions you perform on the URL Site (for example: a site visitor’s order with his contact information). We designate as anonymous the data, which cannot be unambiguously identified with a particular site visitor (for example: site traffic statistics).

2. Use of information

We solely use the personalized information of a particular site visitor to ensure the quality of the provision of services to him and their accounting. We do not disclose any personalized data of some URL site visitors to other site visitors. We never publish personalized information in the public domain and do not transfer it to third parties. The only exceptions are situations where the provision of such information to the authorized state bodies is prescribed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We publish and distribute only reports based on the collected anonymous data. And our reports contain no information, by which it would be possible to identify the personalized data of service users. We also use anonymous data for an internal analysis, the purpose of which is to develop URL products and services.

3. Links

The site of may contain links to other sites that are not related to our company and belong to third parties. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and credibility of information posted on third-party sites and we undertake no obligations to maintain the confidentiality of any information posted on such sites by you.

4. Limitation of Responsibility

We do our best to comply with this privacy policy, however, we cannot warrant the safety of information in the event of exposure to factors beyond our control, the result of which might be the disclosure of information. The site of and all information posted thereon are provided on an “as is” basis without any warranties. We are not responsible for any adverse consequences, and also for any losses inflicted by limiting access to the URL Site, or due to visiting the site and using the information posted thereon.

5. Contacts

For any questions concerning this policy, please contact by e-mail: