Healthy Joints

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This Program is intended for the treatment and prevention of bone and joint diseases. The course consists of effective wellness procedures that ensure a positive result. This course is prescribed to those who suffer from arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis outside of their exacerbation stages. After the course, a significant improvement in the state of your body will be observed, pain will be removed or reduced, swellings are removed, and you will have a feeling of easiness being in high spirits.

Program stages:

  • doctor’s advice;
  • hydromassage chestnut bath — 1 procedure;
  • dry carbonic bath — 5 procedures;
  • Saki mud — 3 procedures;
  • underwater shower massage — 2 procedures;
  • ozokeritotherapy — 2 procedures;
  • hydromassage juniper bath — 1 procedure;
  • “Comfort” bath for your muscles and joints — 1 procedure.

Duration: 5 days.