Quick Recovery

38,150.00  34,400.00 

This Program helps to effectively fight against stress normalizing your psycho-emotional state, improving your general condition and contributing to the health improvement of your body in general. During just three days of the program, a guest receives healthy procedures as much as possible that will help her feel cheerful, full of energy and in high spirits.

Program stages:

  • doctor’s advice;
  • Detox hydromassage bath;
  • salt peeling + wraps;
  • dry carbonic bath;
  • paraffin arm therapy;
  • hydrocolonotherapy;
  • underwater shower massage;
  • paraffin leg therapy;
  • darsonvalization (Zone 1);
  • Charcot’s shower;
  • warm chocolate wrap;
  • oxygen therapy;
  • hair care;
  • ginger & lemon and herbal tea.

Duration: 3 days.