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“Unstress” Recovery and Protection


The program is focused on counteracting the aging process, and is a package of elements with activity and enabling the level of protection of DNA and cell membranes to be increased. The program has a favorable effect on the level of your immunity, which allows you, among other things, to maintain your youthful skin.

“Wish” Age-Related Skin Change Correction


The program is intended for women over 40 who want to keep their youth. Based on some innovative components, the package has a unique ability to slow down the speed of aging processes in your body, activating the functions of internal means controlling the human age. The active components used in the program protect and stimulate your skin at the same time keeping it young and attractive for a long time.

Aqua Cleansing Machine Procedure


It is a deep skin cleansing with a vacuum cleansing apparatus. The procedure is carried out in three stages: skin cleansing (make-up removal), a deep cleansing with a vacuum apparatus, which opens your pores and cleanses your skin with some preparations, then draws in all excess and dirt immediately, and a final care.

Aqua Fresh Machine Lifting Procedure


The procedure of your skin cleansing and rejuvenation gives your skin radiance, a healthy look and tenderness. The package includes a preliminary skin cleansing, a machine procedure with tonics or hyaluronic acid, an at last a final care.

Comodex Problem Facial Skin Care


This program has been specifically worked out for owners of oily and problem skin. It allows you to remove pore contamination, restore your skin’s youth and smoothness. The application of the Program makes it possible to effectively fight against skin inflammations, bacteria, and to reduce pore sizes, sizes of comedones, and to make your face relief more even.

Fluor Oxyden + C Lightening and Rejuvenation


This procedure has been developed to control hyperpigmentation and post-acne while demonstrating a high level of effectiveness. In addition, the Program restores and tones your skin. The active substances used in the composition enables to make correction, to lighten problem areas of your skin that are prone to severe pigmentation, and to improve and get your even complexion.

Forever Young Rejuvenating Package


The package returns the former youth to your skin. The components included in its composition provide protection against the skin aging preventing negative processes inherent in the aging skin. It includes low molecular weight peptides, substances of natural origin and antioxidants that stimulate renewal processes at the cellular level.

General Classic Massage


This Certificate entitles to receive the General Classic Massage Services of our Massage Room.      This massage strengthens the health of your body effectively on the whole, helps to fight against neurotic disorders, strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves heart function, rejuvenates and tones your body.

Lifting Effect


The main advantage of the program is the achievement of an almost instant effect. After your first visit, your skin becomes smoother and more even. If used regularly, such procedures help to achieve a lasting effect and slow down the aging process of your skin.

Mechanical Facial Cleansing


The procedure for the deep cleaning of your skin using a special cosmetic spoon, and the cleaning is done by pressing on the locus of comedone, acne. The cleaning is quite painful in case of an uncared-for skin condition. At the end, the final care will consolidate the result and protect your open pores from external contaminants.