December is the most magical month of the year, and even if you are not quite a child, you are still waiting for the holiday and New Year’s miracles! Let’s celebrate the expiring year together, because we believe in miracles as well!
Your favorite Arasan Wellness & Spa Complex becomes a place where you can not only relax but also receive wonderful gifts!
Visit our SPA Complex from 15.12.18 till 13.01.19, purchase a subscription to relaxation starting with 2 hours, and take part in the all-prize lottery from Arasan Wellness & Spa!
Exchange your cheques for scratch cards and win:
• visits to the SPA Complex,
• rental of luxury rooms,
• visits to the Fitness Center and the SPA Complex,
• SPA procedures,
• Beauty Studio services,
• bath accessories,
• gifts from the partner of “Zhiguli Barnoye”: mugs, bags, towels and pillows,
• a great number of discounts from all departments of the Complex!
Hurry up to take part in the grandiose drawing of lottery from the main SPA Complex of Arasan Wellness & Spa and Zhiguli Barnoye!
The drawing of lottery will be held daily from 04.00 p.m. till 08.00 p.m., on weekdays and weekends, in the lobby of the Complex.
Nobody will be left without gifts!
Conditions: — All interested guests of the Complex, 21+, can take part in the Promotion. — The Promotion does not provide for additional discounts, the summation of discounts for entry to the SPA Complex and other departments, or related discounts to its participant at any preferential rate or other promotion in other departments of the Complex.
— Winning cards with prizes for the Complex’s services will be valid until 28.02.2019. — Scratch cards may be bought through online payment on — It is allowed to transfer scratch cards to third parties as a gift. – A scratch card may be only used once. – A scratch card can be used the day after your purchase other than instant prizes.
— To receive a service or goods under a winning scratch card as a gift, the guest should provide his/her contact information: full name, phone number, and e-mail.
— The organizer reserves the right to complete the promotion ahead of time due to the limited number of prizes.