From June 28, 2017, take part in the promotion of Arasan Wellness & SPA — «6+1»!

Fill in the application form at the ticket office and exchange it for a subscription to mark your visits to the bath complex (from two hours) for two months.

This subscription is registered and is not transferable to third parties.

To make a mark on the visit, be sure to show the administrator an identity card.

The visit is not counted in the absence of a seal and signature of the administrator on the subscription.

For every 4th visit there is a discount of -10% on the entrance fee!

And every 7th visit will be for you free and unlimited, as a compliment from the complex Arasan Wellness & SPA! To receive it, show the subscription with all the marks to the administrator.

Thank you for your loyalty to the traditions of the perfect holiday!


Terms of the promotion:

— To count one visit, a purchase from 2 hours in the bath complex is enough.

— For every 4th visit, a discount of 10% is provided.

— Registration of the 1st visit can be on weekdays and weekends.

— The 7th visit unlimited on the time of stay in the complex and is similarly provided on weekdays or on weekends at the request of the guest.

— The period of accumulation of visits to receive the 1st unlimited visit is 2 months from the date of registration of the 1st visit, which is confirmed by the seal and signature of the administrator on the card.

— A guest who wants to take part in the promotion must fill out the participant’s application form.

— 10% discount on 4th visit and 7th unlimited visit is available only if you have a completed card.

— 7 visits are valid for a month after the last accumulated 6 visits

— The participant of the action cannot have more than one valid card until its full completion, or receiving bonus visits and discounts.

— The promotion applies to children from 4 to 11 years, accompanied by a parent.

— A visit can only be counted if a card is presented before entering the bath complex, after visiting the complex no stamp is placed and the visit is not counted.