We are looking forward to celebrate the most tender and touching holiday of the year — March 8, the International Women’s Day. Men always prepare for the day in a special scrupulous manner to congratulate their closest, beloved and dear women! Arasan Wellness & Spa, of course, joins all congratulations and has prepared gifts to the beautiful half of our guests!
Only on March 8, special offers will be valid for all beautiful visitors:
+ by purchasing a subscription to visit the women’s bath section for 3 hours, you get + 1 hour as a gift;
— Moreover, we’d like to congratulate our mothers and grandmothers on the holiday, and there will be a pension tariff for pensioners in the women’s bath section on this day.
+ when ordering any hot dish, — aperitif and digestive as a gift!
In our departments of the Complex, we have also prepared some pleasant and useful offers to you:
In the Beauty Studio, from 25.02.2019 till 10.03.2019, by purchasing certificates for package face care services with a face value of KZT 10,000, our guest will receive a subscription for 1 hour as a gift in the Women’s Bath Section on weekdays until 04:00 p.m.
By purchasing Moroccan cosmetics at Boutique & Care from 01.03.2019 till 10.03.2019 in the amount to KZT 20,000 or more, please exchange your check for a subscription to the bath for 2 whole hours on any day (from 7.00 a.m. till 11.30 p.m.).
In Arasan Fitness — from 01.03.2019 till 08.03.2019, you can purchase Fitness Unlimited Subscriptions for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months at a discount of -15%.
And, of course, the Wellness Spa Salon provides the best gifts to your closest and beloved women! From 25.02.2019 till 08.03.2019, up to 16% for package Spa programs:
• Sea Beeze for only KZT 21,250 instead of KZT 25,000;
• Cleansing & Toning” for only KZT 13,600 instead of KZT 16,000;
• Rejuvenation & Toning for only KZT 18,700 instead of KZT 22,000;
• Relax & Anti-Stress for only KZT 21,250 instead of KZT 25,000;
• Reboot For Women for only KZT 22,100 instead of KZT 26,300.
Hurry up! Our offers are limited! The Promotion applies to:
— all Women from the age of 16 to those who have reached their retirement age.
— The Promotion applies to online payment on the website
The Promotion does not provide for: — Additional discounts, or related discounts to its participants at any preferential rate or other promotion in other departments of the Complex.