We are glad to welcome you to our Arasan Wellness & Bath complex!

The word “Arasan” is translated from the Kazakh language as “warm source.” Our Complex is truly an inexhaustible source of eternal youth, beauty and health. At present, Arasan Wellness & SPA is not just a famous amenity of the sunny city of Almaty. During its existence, the complex has become a well-maintained resort combining the traditions of the Orient and high technologies. To relax and get a real pleasure, you do not need to spend your time and money on a good suburban sanatorium. All you need for a comfortable rest and high spirits is

Arasan Wellness & SPA has integrated as follows:

  • Bath complex — the original traditions of the Russian, Finnish and Turkish baths, new equipment, professional steam men, and a wide choice of cosmetic and relaxing procedures;
  • Bath luxe-rooms — areas to relax with your family, and to hold friendly meetings or corporate parties. Our personnel will ensure that you feel a surge of energy, inspiration and have a good time;
  • Wellness Spa Salon, which includes the following two departments:
  1. Wellness & SPA (hydropathic establishment) – there are more than twenty water-improving procedures for your beauty and health, an experienced and attentive personnel, the latest equipment, service discounts, all conditions to relax and improve your well-being.
  1. Detox & SPA (Massage SPA Salon) — unique procedures, exotic and segmental massages to cleanse, rejuvenate, and restore the physical and emotional balance of your body, and package SPA programs using natural cosmetic products.
  • Arasan Fitness — a fitness room with Technogym premium sports equipment (made in Italy), professional trainers, and effective group programs. There is everything you need to maintain your excellent physical form;
  • Beauty Studio — an exceptional opportunity to relax and take care of your appearance. Our guests are offered services of cosmetologists, hairdressers, masseurs, and nail service technicians;
  • Lobby & Rest Bar – there are five luxury catering establishments within Arasan Wellness & SPA, and the pearl of the Complex is a cozy lobby bar, which offers guests the most delicious and sophisticated things. The menu will certainly offer what you want, and the bar’s luxurious interior will cheer you up for a friendly communication and will allow you to have a good rest.
  • Boutique & Care — the largest store of caring organic cosmetics as well as bath accessories in Almaty. For your special benefit, there are supplies of goods from the leading manufacturers without intermediaries, personal advice and very reasonable prices.

The building we are proud of!

Our Complex is located in a building, which is deemed to be a bright original architectural monument of the Republican significance and is protected by the state. The Complex was built in 1979 -1982 and acquired the status of an exceptional amenity of the southern capital of Kazakhstan in the first years of its appearance. The grand and majestic building of Arasan Wellness & SPA enslaves the hearts of our country’s guests in no time. In 2016, restoration work was completed at Arasan Wellness & SPA and major repairs were carried out. We are proud that we have managed to preserve the oriental flavor and the singularity of our Complex by improving its functional qualities — after all, the best architects of the world have worked on the project. Today, the “Arasan Wellness & SPA” Complex is a combination of its magnificent interior and engineering ideas of the 20th and 21st centuries. The secret of the Complex’s singularity lies in combining some individual technologies and the inimitable oriental architecture. The interior decoration of Arasan Wellness & SPA is made of marble and other natural stones — materials known for their fantastic beauty, amazing energy and antibacterial properties. We are keeping up with the times offering perfect conditions for your health improvement and restoration of your strength.

  • exclusive package programs;
  • innovative technologies and services for rejuvenation and health.

Our complex is:

    • a building of high historical value;
    • luxurious interiors of departments and sections;
    • modern luxury equipment;
    • exceptional cleanliness (cleaning is done  daily);
    • high quality service by the best personnel.

Visitors to the Bath complex

The Arasan Wellness & Bath complex invites you to the world of relaxation and high spirits. After visiting us just once, you are sure to come to us again. Our clients are people of different ages and social status, and many of them have been using services of our Wellness Complex since its opening. This indicates the high quality and the relevance of our services kindly provided by us to everyone who wishes to visit us. It should be noted that frequent visitors to our Wellness Complex are residents and guests of the city as well as many foreign tourists. All these people highly appreciate not only our service but also our oriental hospitality. Thus, the number of clients of our Bath complex reaches 40 thousands of persons per month. The area of ​​all functional rooms at Arasan Wellness & SPA allows us to receive more than 1 thousand of people at a time. And each visitor is treated with deference as much as possible and is sure to remain satisfied with his stay with us.

Corporate-Style Relaxation


Various Kazakhstan companies that are our partners often organize their corporate rest at Arasan Wellness & SPA. Such events make it possible to bring people closer, to revive their spirits and to ensure that they have a good health and well-being. Moreover, such rest and recreation enables the work of company employees to be more well-coordinated, effective and efficient in future.

Our Personnel


Our Company’s personnel are certified and competent specialists. All of them improve their qualifications and professional skills on a regular basis. Due to this, we work with our visitors in a quality and responsible manner giving our love, warmth and care to our guests. The main task of our Wellness & Bath complex is to take care of each client. This is precisely why we carefully select our personnel irrespective of the position and the status in employment of an employee. As a result, we offer our visitors only high-quality services provided by the best masters of their craft!

You should have the right choice


We offer you to use Arasan Wellness & SPA’s services as early as today. After experiencing the healthy effect of wellness and relaxing procedures, you will not just bear in mind these feelings forever but will definitely wish to repeat them and will surely become frequent visitors to our Complex. We will be happy to serve you, to give you joy, warmth and comfort. Please read the list of the Complex’s services right now and come and enjoy yourselves.

Welcome to the world of serenity, harmony and cleanness!