Why do you look for gifts? We’ve come up with everything! The best offers for the most beloved ones! Discounts of up to 40%!

Boutique & Care: A novelty! Premium caring cosmetics! Discounts of up to 10%! A luxurious selection of organic Moroccan cosmetics with its stunning effect! Only here you can collect your individual gift or buy a ready-made version! She will appreciate your care!
Beauty Studio: certificates for transformation at a holiday price! For the massage and hair styling services! Discounts of up to 15%! Professionals are ready to help you shine with renewed vigor!
Wellness Spa-Salon: plunge into the world of bliss and relaxation! Share your pleasure with the “He and She” program, or choose one of the gift certificates for delicious package Spa programs, exotic massages, chocolate wraps and much more! Discounts of up to 40%! Programs are designed for both women and men!
For more information, please call 8 (727) 390 10 10, or you can find it at the Complex’s entrance cash desk!
We are always looking forward to welcome you in Arasan Wellness & Spa!